TNW Mobile for business

In addition to all the features and benefits described for personal users TNW Mobile is great for business. Business owners or managers within a business can easily manage each of their employees’ mobile use. The company simply purchases MegaBytes then creates the plans under the profiles of each of its employees.

Businesses can also use TNW Mobile to create their own auto attendant system and route calls by department, individual or voicemail accordingly. Call routing can easily be changed through the TNW Mobile Management interface eliminating the need for an expensive PBX system to answer and route calls.

From the TNW Mobile Mangement Interface managers can create plans that:

  • Block or allow particular social media access (facebook, linked in etc…)
  • Assign blocks of MegaBytes on a per user basis for talk, text and Internet use
  • Create, modify and delete user profiles
  • Create four digit dial plans
  • Create specific user groups for messaging (e.g. sales, technicians etc…)
  • Set a schedule for mobile services to be active and working for employees on a per employee basis
  • Instantly see presence information
  • Instantly get geo-location information
  • Instantly see the company`s overall consumption of consumption of MegaBytes and how they have been consumed on talk, text and Internet
  • Granular controls right down to the employee / profile level