TNW closes a CAD $13 million Mezzanine Loan and CAD $2.1 million Equity Investment for deployment of this revolutionary service.

Vancouver, July 22, 2015. Vancouver-based teliPhone Navigata-Westel Communications Inc.  (“TNW”) is pleased to announce the launch of iPCS™, the company’s patent pending* mobile technology through teliPhone Mobile, the company’s mobile service division. iPCS™ will revolutionize mobile services in Canada, the US and around the world and will be the most advanced and affordable wireless communication service available.

Developed in Canada by TNW, iPCS™, the Internet Personal Communication System, is a patent pending* Smartphone-Over-IP (SoIP) technology. iPCS™ is an IP-only and Cloud-based technology which uses only data to deliver all mobile services, eliminating the need for traditional protocols for voice and SMS text services.

iPCS™ has wide coverage in Canada and the US through its partner networks. With a $10 per month plan, subscribers have access to unlimited SMS communication, 100 MB of data which can be used for voice communications, Internet connectivity and to send and receive picture and video messages (MMS).

TNW Chief Executive Officer, Sandeep Panesar, stated, “TNW is ready to launch this revolutionary service that leverages our comprehensive voice, data and data centre network in North America. The existing high-quality capacity will allow us to provide excellent service to mobile users at much more affordable rates while still being a profitable product for our company.’’

iPCS™ also works on Wi-Fi Internet networks and it is the only mobile technology that does not require any special device or mobile-provider enabled service to talk or text over Wi-Fi.

Furthermore iPCS™ features unlimited calling and MMS services when on Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, providing a valuable alternative for international mobile roaming services. Only calls that terminate outside the continental US and Canada over the wireless network can incur additional charges.

Since iPCS™ requires an initial login, all personal information such as SMS texts, call logs, contact information and voicemail reside on secured cloud servers which can only be accessed under a secured user session. This means that when a user chooses to log out of the service their information cannot be accessed on the smartphone.

Users can have multiple profiles on their device, each with different usernames, different phone numbers and voicemails. Several iPCS™ users can share the same smartphone device. TeliPhone Mobile SIM cards are not tied to a specific subscriber or device so users can access their teliPhone Mobile service on any phone with a teliPhone Mobile SIM. Users simply insert any teliPhone Mobile SIM card into an unlocked Android or iOS-based smartphone to access their profile and the teliPhone Mobile network.

With teliPhone Mobile, subscribers also have complete choice when it comes to their phone number. They can choose a domestic phone number from any city in North America or a phone number from any of several countries currently available. And with the multiple profile ability, they can have a different city or country number for each profile all on the same device.

For businesses, iPCS™ is a very attractive alternative. With the user management interface, businesses can intelligently manage employee utilization, by allocating the voice, data usage, day and time of day operation, and also manage the access and use of the Internet. iPCS™ also has a “push to talk” feature for instant “walkie-talkie”-like communication.

As a Cloud-based service all iPCS™ improvements and enhancements over time are available instantly and no user updates are ever necessary.

iPCS™ is currently completing beta testing and the service is expected to launch this October. New subscribers can pre-register online at

SIM cards will be available free of charge by mail. TNW expects to distribute 1,000,000 free SIM cards in Canada and the US by the end of the year which will include a one month free trial of service.

iPCS™ was developed with the support of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SRED) of the Government of Canada.

TNW is privately owned by Investel Capital Corporation. TNW recently received equity funding from Investel and has just closed a CD $13 million mezzanine loan with Vancouver-based Bond Capital for the deployment of the new mobile service.

TNW President and Chief Strategy Officer, J. Owen Gilbert, stated, “With the recent changes in our organization and the financing received we are now in a strong position to launch this service which we believe will change the way mobile services will be delivered around the world.”


Notes to editor:

*Patents pending include 2,871,247 2,871,249 2,871,283 2,871,290

About Teliphone Navigata-Westel

From its origin in 1957 as BC Rail Telecom, to its evolution into Teliphone Navigata-Westel, TNW is now one of the largest independent facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) in Canada. The company owns and operates 5 Data Centres in Canada and a national network that has been designed to offer data center clients unsurpassed access, reliability and cost-effectiveness. TNW has 131 Points of Presence, a national network which includes a wireless backhaul network, a trans-Canada SONET fibre optic network and multiple CLEC/ILEC Central Office facilities providing voice, data, broadband Internet, IT support, cloud computing, co-location and IPTV services to its carrier, business, government and residential customers in Canada and the US. TNW also operates a US network and its voice and IPTV services are available in 47 countries. TNW recently announced the introduction of its patent pending iPCSTM mobile technology and Teliphone Mobile service.

About Bond Capital

Bond Capital is an established institutional provider of business debt and equity to small and medium sized enterprises in Western Canada and the USA’s Northwest.   Entrepreneurs and prospective business owners partner with Bond Capital to finance growth, succession, acquisition and equity withdrawal strategies.

About Investel Capital Corporation

Investel Capital Corporation is an investment fund specializing in the acquisition of telecommunications companies. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, it focuses on investing in both distressed and underachieving telecom companies that have recurring revenue but low profitability. Once integrated into Investel’s group, companies will have immediate access to its comprehensive network resources and infrastructures such as administration, engineering, customer support, network operations, etc. In this way, redundant expenses such as operational and network costs can be eliminated, thereby reducing cost and increasing revenue.



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